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New water check valve features sizes up to 12 inches.Vertical or horizontal mounting capabilities and easy installation.
------------------------------------ Metal Magmeter helpls water company up with fast-Growing population demands.
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ENAPLAST is one of the leading pioneer companies in Egypt, manufacturing Plastic Piping Systems for Potable Water, Sanitary Drainage, Irrigation and Telecommunication since 1988, in Sadat City, Egypt.
Plastic Pipes are produced with different pressure ratings, according to different international standards, depending on the application. Plastic Fittings are produced under license from different international specialized companies. Pipes and fittings for other applications are imported from highly qualified specialized international companies.

ENAPLAST Pipes Factory is equipped with the most advanced Extrusion Lines from Europe and South East Asia to produce PE, PP and PEX pipes. Extrusion Lines have different capacities to produce different pipe diameters.

ENAPLAST Fittings Factory is also equipped with the most modern Injection Molding Machines, also from Europe and South East Asia to produce pipe fittings and accessories for the different applications.

Both factories are equipped with the necessary Quality Control equipments and Testing Laboratory. Both factories are applying for ISO 9000 Certification.