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Pivot irriation Systems RKD:

Click for big imageClick for big imageCentral Pivot

The RKD Pivot Irrigation Systems are designed to operate from a single centre and have the advantage of requiring the least amount of manpower, one person sufficing to water hundreds of hectares.

Click for big imageClick for big imageMulti-Center Pivot

The RKD self-transporting Multi-Pivot Systems are designed to water at 2, 3 or 4 different points. Unlike rival systems, there is no need for a tractor to move the machine from one place to another, and the towers have not to be lifted manually in order for their wheels to be turned. Owing to the transportation system, the framework is not overstressed as it moves.

Lateral Move System

The RKD lateral Move Systems are manufactured for the irrigation of rectangular orsquare surfaces.The machine is fed by means of a
channel or a hose.
The distinguishing feature of the carriage, which is mounted on 4 motor-driven wheels, is its robustness.

Hippodrome System

The RKD Hippodrome Systems are intended to irrigate square, rectangular or L-shaped fields. The carriage is mounted on 4 motor-driven and the system is fed by means of a hose.