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New water check valve features sizes up to 12 inches.Vertical or horizontal mounting capabilities and easy installation.
Metal Magmeter helpls water company up with fast-Growing population demands.

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- Enapex pipes.
- Enapex Fittings:
       * Economic
       * Standard

Enapex pipes

Pipes produced from Cross-Linked High Density Polyethylene Raw Material, according to DIN 16892 / 16893 are strong, light in weight and installed easily.

Thermal range of usability over 100 C˚ (212˚ F).
Enapex Pipes are guaranteed for 10 years.

Working pressure at 20˚C: 20.0 Bar
at 60˚C: 12.8 Bar
at 70˚C: 11.2 Bar
at 80˚C: 9.9 Bar
at 95˚C: 8.6 Bar

The only pipe with Thermal Memory heated above the yield point of 130˚ C (284˚F) bent, corrugated and cold, it will return to the original round from without losing any of its properties.

No rust or corrosion, no damage by salt or building materials as: concrete, plaster, calcium or similar.

Enapex Fittings


End cap


Fittings for pex pipes

Pair of brackets for manifolds

Single pipe outlet




Single pipe outlet with box

Wall conection fittings details


ENAPEX Fittings

V Band for Expansion Joint

VL Insulating Panel

VS Insulating Panel

V Foil

V Clip

V Band edging Strip